If you want to lose weight and use a workout plan at home that doesn’t take up too much space with equipment, you need to look at ThunderBell. ThunderBell is a patent pending piece of workout and fitness equipment that can easily and efficiently take the place of several individual, traditional workout tools.

is so much more, as it comes with the ThunderBell workout plan to give you a complete body training strategy. If that stimulates your appetite, let’s look at what the ThunderBell is in more detail. When you first look at the ThunderBell, it may appear to be 2 steering wheels with a bar in-between, but it is so much more.

The strength and beauty of the ThunderBell is the ergonomically designed hand grips. These grips allow you to hold it in 7 different ways, taking the place of many traditional pieces of equipment including the barbell, medicine ball, kettle ball and dumbbell. This not only saves you space but opens up more possibilities to your workouts with this versatility.

Much of the old fashioned equipment and tools for working out are great for individual joints and muscles, though there is never a real cohesion between the different muscle group’s workouts.

ThunderBell with its special multi-grip and the specially devised ThunderBell Training Program bridges that gap as not just one muscle group are ever targeted at a time. When you train using the ThunderBell, you train your whole body.


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